“Solo Solo”

   “METU Library Exhibition Hall, Ankara,  2-6 December 2013” 

Name of the exhibition comes from the bestselling toilet paper of Turkey “solo”. It directly reminds a critique on consumption and its correct in one side. However, key words for “solo solo” are knowing worth, needless beauty, an ironic try on – an old fashion!-  function of art as making someething immortal.  Stone can be seen as a symbol for immortality yet the design carved on the stone was taken from bestselling toilet paper. There is a tension between papers and stone, however features of toilet paper make the tension absurd. When I started to draw these designs streets were full of violence. The confliction between violence in the streets and toilet papers that I put in the area of needless beauty had a dizzying effect on me. Drawings and the stone can be seen attempts for knowing worth, making an ephemeral thing durable immortal. Toilet papers in the exhibition are there in order to sense the difference between ephemeral and durable like between paper and stone by touching.