We should also grow like a three that does not know its law

Video installation with a notebook with mentally retarded children’s hand writing

Seval Şener’s video installation titled “The Tree That Does Not Know Its Law” inspired from a quote from Jung’s “Red Book”  saying “We should grow like a tree that does not know its law” .A tree at the University Campus, which is in a weird shape, grows differently comparing its same species neighbors. Probably this tree that does not know its law is ill due to a genetic mutation.
Besides the video there is a notebook of which pages are written down the same phrase of ‘We should grow like a tree that does not know its law’ by a number of individuals who have different levels of learning disability between the ages of 8 to 37. The metaphorical expression of Jung, which is written down by the mentioned individuals, together with the ill tree on the video make us ask some questions. What are the laws of nature? What are the universal rules of humanity? Who did put these rules? What are the principles of these rules? Who did teach these rules to us? Seval Şener’s installation work makes us to think on the issues such as the necessity of the law on the one hand, and being formed by the law or deviate from it on the other.