PROFILE : Experienced with various studio techniques like design, printmaking, drawing/painting and sculpture. Interested with combining traditional arts and traditional ways of making art with contemporary art. Teaching at Hacettepe University Sculpture Department. Works and lives in Ankara /Turkey

Seval Şener deals with the visual values which create surface effect and visual values which create depth effect in her works. She uses depth-surface, perspective-flatness, figure-ornament, ornament-space oppositions and units these opposites in traditional arts such as miniature or traditional paper cutting. She transforms the surface effect to depth and the depth effect to surface. These transformations result with contemporary interpretation of traditional arts. Her work has a strong reference to art history. Şener’s works might read as East-West problem with a cultural reading. However, an aesthetic reading shows that she relates the two basic art forms with each other. In order to show this relation art historical references are in evitable.

2012  PhD in Sculpture Hacettepe University Sculpture Department
2008  M.A  Degree Eastern Illinois University Sculpture Main
2007  Master of Fine Arts Degree Graphic Design2007 Department
2005  Bachelor of Arts  Degree Bilkent University Painting Department
1999   Bachelor of Arts  Degree Hacettepe University Turkish Language and Literature Department

2020   “Eros&Psyche” Galeri Nev Ankara/Turkey
2019   “6 December 2016” Torun, Ankara /Turkey
2018   “A New Light In the Harem” GaleriNev Ankara /Turkey
2016   “An Gelir” Tilki, Ankara/Turkey
2015   “Keep Calm/In the Age of Flatness” Slakateliers, Arnhem/Holland
2013   “Solo Solo” ODTU Library Exhibition Hall, Ankara/Turkey
2012   “Do not Wash in Hand” GalleryBu, Istanbul/Turkey
2011   “Renaissance Re-ordered” Gallery Ama, Helsinki/Finland

2020   “A little Garden Dream”, Embassy of Germany, Ankara 
2020   “Crystal Chateau”, Evliyagil Museum, Ankara 
2019   “Roots and Growth”, Beer Sheva Museum, Israel 
2019   “Golden Age, Galeri Nev, Ankara 
2019   “Stronger than Me” Galeri Siyah&Beyaz, Ankara 
2019   “Stilllife with a Curtain” Galerist, Istanbul 
2017   “Angle’s Share” Depo, İstanbul 
2016   “Nesnenin Belleği mi?”, Cer Modern, Ankara 
2016   “Bolero An International Moving Art project”, Genova 
2016   “City as Home”, Berlin 
2015   “Show Of”, Arte Art Gallery, Ankara 2015
2014   “Vague, Drunken Dog”, Cer Modern, Ankara 2014
2013   “NevNesil”, Galeri Nev, Ankara 2013
2013   “Me&I Myself” Cer Modern, Ankara 2013
2012   “Totally Ottamans”Beytepe Art Gallery, Ankara 2012
2009   “Borders, Orbits 05/06” Siemenst Art,Istanbul 2009
2009   “The Good, Bad and Ugly”Goethe Institute, Ankara 2009
2007   “Dictionary Objects” Istanbul Performance Days, Galataperform 2007
2006   “25th Contemporary Artists Exhibition”, Aksanat, Istanbul 2006
2006   “4.International Marmara University Triennial”, Istanbul 2006
2005 “ Identity, Tradition” Turkish English Culture Exhibition, Ankara 

2012   XVII Mantaa Art Festival-Manntaa, Finland 
2012   Polymer Culture Factory Festival 2012, Tallin, Estonia 
2009   Without Perspective, Turku Book Fair, Hungary 


2018   Hacettepe University Art Encouragement Award 
2015   Turkish Cultural Foundation Exchange Fellow 2015
2008   Eastern Illinois University Outstanding International Art Student Award 
2006   National Military Academy Painting-Sculpture Competition 
Special Jury Award in Sculpture


“On A New Light In the Harem”, Galeri Nev Ankara 15.03.2018
“Dazzling Visual History of Art”, H.Ü. Tıp Fakültesi 19.11.2015
“Rest In Peace” Ankara University Faculty of Lang, Hist. and Geography 16.04.2013
“On Renaissance Re-ordered” XVI Mantan Contemporary Art Fest 19.08.2012
“Camouflage-On Erdal Duman Exhibition” Gallery Black&White 15.01.2012

contact: sevalsener@gmail.com