Do Not Wash In Hand

  “Gallerybu,Istanbul, 16 March- 8 April 2012”

‘Do not Wash’, ‘Two Glances’ and ‘Paper Graveyard’ are part of my recent works that deal with the concepts of decorativeness, beauty and surface.  These concepts are the result of my admiration for ornament and later on I have realized problematic existence of surface. Motives in the series of “Do not Wash” seem as if they are embellishments yet, in fact they were created using today’s label symbols and signs of nuclear and recycle.  Here my attempt is to give pleasure to viewer at first glance thanks to the beauty of motives and it is a reference for tendency of contemporary art’s beauty-phobia. This work is a reaction for ignorance of the works whose main feature of just being beautiful. Whenas beauty belongs to the past –such as Seljuk’s Art, Gothic Cathedrals, Alhambra Palace, everybody admires it and surface is the holder of the beauty. Works under the title of Two Glances are the questions on surface. When speaking of these concepts –beauty, surface- it should not be forgotten that surface of ornament belongs to another type of universe design, with a cliché way of thinking ornament should not be related with only Islamic Art and it should be considered that in today’s universe structure ornament might not be stand as it stood in the surface which carried ornament and was part of another type of universe design. Thus, today usage of surface, ornament and beauty as their supporter will sign always a productive problem.